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My Feature in Yoga For First Responders Podcast

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to be featured on the "Yoga for First Responders" (YFFR) podcast in an episode titled "Finding Balance: Yoga, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth with Katrina Marsh."

It was an enriching experience to sit down with Eric and Olivia and dive deep into discussions about the yoga community, media, entrepreneurship, and much more.

Our conversation spanned a wide array of topics, but at the heart of it all was how yoga principles can be applied to to build and support communities. Creating spaces where individuals can come together, share experiences, and support one another is more important than ever. We talked about the unique role that yoga can play in fostering these connections, particularly among first responders who face unique challenges in their line of work.

YFFR is doing phenomenal work in bringing yoga's transformative power to those on the front lines, helping them cope with stress, build resilience, and enhance their overall well-being. I am thrilled to continue my journey with YFFR, especially as I embark on their all-new bridge course they recently released. This course promises to deepen my understanding and practice of yoga, specifically tailored to the needs of first responders.

The conversation with Eric and Olivia was not just a reflection on what has been but also a look forward to what lies ahead. It was a reminder of the ever-evolving journey of personal growth, the continuous learning that comes with entrepreneurship, and the boundless potential of yoga to effect change in individuals and communities alike.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my story on the YFFR podcast. It was a fun, insightful, and truly meaningful experience. As I continue with the YFFR bridge course and further my engagement with the yoga community, I look forward to the continued growth and learning that awaits.

I invite you all to listen to the episode "Finding Balance: Yoga, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth with Katrina Marsh" on the Yoga for First Responders podcast. Join me as we explore the intersections of yoga, entrepreneurship, and personal growth


Stay tuned for more updates on my journey with YFFR and the incredible impact yoga can have on all aspects of life.

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