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My Journey on "Beyond the Business Basics" with Lauren Buckner

In the realm of entrepreneurship, where challenges and opportunities intertwine, the ability to manage and grow multiple businesses simultaneously has been an interesting journey. In a recent episode of "Beyond the Business Basics" hosted by

the accomplished business attorney and consultant, Lauren Buckner, I had the pleasure of sharing insights into running my current ventures and how they can complement each other rather than compete.

Lauren Buckner, one of my co-authors of the collaborative book "Women Thrive Volume 2," brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of business. Her podcast, "Beyond the Business Basics," is a platform that delves into the stories and strategies of entrepreneurs, providing listeners with valuable insights and inspiration to navigate the complexities of the business world.

During the podcast episode, I had the opportunity to dive deep into the intricacies of managing my current business ventures and highlight the surprising ways the two of them can complement each other.

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:

1. Balancing Act: Balancing multiple businesses is no small feat, and I've learned that effective time management and prioritization are essential. It's crucial to ensure both ventures thrive without overwhelming myself.

2. Synergy in Services: One of the most exciting aspects of my journey is how the two businesses synergize. Busy Bee Studios offers fitness programs that can be marketed and promoted through Maganda Media Management, creating a seamless connection between the two.

3. Leveraging Expertise: By running both a fitness center and a media agency, I've been able to leverage my expertise in marketing and communication to enhance the visibility and growth of Busy Bee Studios. My insights into branding and outreach have proven invaluable.

4. Community Building: Community plays a pivotal role in both my businesses. Through Busy Bee Studios, I've fostered a tight-knit fitness community, while Maganda Media Management helps other businesses build their own communities through effective media strategies.

5. Overcoming Challenges: Like any entrepreneurial journey, I've faced my fair share of challenges along the way. I shared some of my experiences and the valuable lessons I've learned, offering encouragement to others facing similar hurdles.

With passion, dedication, and strategic thinking, multiple businesses can indeed complement each other and lead to thriving entrepreneurial endeavors. I invite you to listen/watch the whole episode here:

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